Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Like it our not I"M A HACK!

After the first 5 games of the USBC Senior Masters, I am -161 for 5 games, bowling on the mess that everyone before me left......oil wherever it is not expected. I left 31 one pin spares.....made 29 and still couldn't average over 170. A gun wouldn't have helped (except for putting yours truly out of his misery).

I bowl at 11 AM today (2 EDT) and considering only one group bowls ahead of us, have a better chance at finding what I couldn't find yesterday. I am sooooooo disappointed and finally beginning to realize that i may not achieve my dream........what a bummer!

All kidding aside, I miss my Martha so much,it hurts! I am so sick of traveling alone without the woman who means EVERYTHING to me........I hope that she really knows that and gets rid of the albatross in Bethpage yesterday rather than tomorrow, stops having to work to pay taxes, and gets out here on the road with me. Reality says it all.....I have not bowled respectably on tour since I have been traveling alone for the past 5 of 6 years......I need to run back and kiss her with each strike with friends saying, "......get a room". (The good old days)!

Sorry for the rant, Marti.......but its true.......I am lost without you!

That being said, finally........I am prepared to go +161 today and get back in the hunt.....may the Bowling Gods be generous and help me return to past glory.......AMEN


  1. PS....the use of the color red is the blood that has been spilled trying to bowl......I hope to stop the bleeding!

  2. Good Luck today, remember it is just a game. Frustrating but a game

    The Little Fat guy